Tales From The Tannoy

Tales From The Tannoy

Even robots have a story to tell

Have you ever wondered about the lives behind the people who provide the soundtrack to your life? Probably not. Did you even realise they are real people? Perhaps.

Did you know that two of the voices on the London Underground are a married couple who work together all day long, even though one of them is dead?

Did you know that the voice in your SatNav has a broken heart?

Did you know that the calm, reassuring voice that accompanies your daily life has had a life punctuated by tragedy?

Tales from the Tannoy is an award-winning podcast, telling the true life stories behind the voices we know… but don’t know.

Phil Sayer and Elinor Hamilton - London Underground

Underground Love

Series 1, Episode 1: The true story of the married couple still working together on London Underground, even though one of them is dead.

Jon Briggs - Sat Nav - Siri - Weakest Link

The Final Destination

Series 1, Episode 2: The voice of Siri and Sat Nav talks about broken hearts and despatching bodies.

Gayanne Potter - ITN News

The Year the News Broke

Series 1, Episode 3: The smooth voice of the news, whose life became anything but.

Tom Clarke Hill - Tony the Tiger - Kellogg's Frosties

The Tiger Who Came to Breakfast

Series 1, Episode 4: When life was not so grrrrrrreat for Tony the Tiger.

Katy Maw - Supermarket

May Contain Nuts

Series 1, Episode 5: The tantalising voice of the aisles, whose life took a tragic turn.

Redd Pepper - Movie Trailer Voice

In A World...

Series 1, Episode 6: One man's meteoric rise from driving trains to voicing trailers.

Rik Scott - Greatest Hits Radio Station Voice

Spliced and Sliced

Series 1, Episode 7: The cool sound of music radio whose tattoos hide the hurt.

Posy Brewer - Morrisons Checkout Voice

Unexpected Item

Series 1, Episode 8: The voice of the self-checkouts who lived on the breadline.

Rio Attoh Wood - Voice of Capital Xtra

Black Voices Matter

Series 1, Episode 9: The sound of Capital Xtra gives a voice to black lives.

Peter Dickson - X Factor Voice

From Belfast to Bins

Series 1, Episode 10: The life and times of the X Factor man.

Anna Vocino - NBC Voice

The Food of Love

Series 1, Episode 11: The dynamic voice of America who tried to starve herself happy.

Marc Silk - Scooby Doo - Jonny Bravo - Go Jetters

Scooby Doo's Big Headache

Series 1, Episode 12: The voice of Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Thunderbirds and more, whose big headache turned into a very good day.

Abi Phillips - Hits Network Radio Voice - Della Phillips

Sleeping Beauty

Series 1, Episode 13: Two well known voices, who experienced the same tragic loss from two very different perspectives.

Mike Cooper - BBC World Service and History Channel Voice

Goats and Gay Bars

Series 1, Episode 14: The voice of the BBC's World Service on life with HIV. (And goats.)

Emma Hignett - London Bus Buses Voice

Showgirls, Springer, and Shepherd's Bush

Series 1, Episode 15: The voice of London's buses who's come a long way from dancing in Mexico, and now says Barking for money.

Janey Godley - Trump is a cunt - Nicola Sturgeon Voiceover

Turns Out, I Was Right

Series 2, Episode 1: The accidental voice of lockdown, telling her story in her own - very sweary - words.

Barra Fitzgibbon - Channel 4 - Filum - Covid Coronavirus

Critically Speaking

Series 2, Episode 2: The voice of Channel 4, whose conversation was cut short by Covid-19.

Tanya Rich - BT Tower Lift Voice

Anarchy Descending

Series 2, Episode 3: The voice inside a lift, who's had her share of ups and downs.

Alan Dedicoat - Voice of the Balls - National Lottery Strictly Come Dancing

Balls to Buses

Series 2, Episode 4: Life beyond the lottery with the voice of the balls.

Andy Turvey Tesco Checkout Voice

Not Checking Out

Series 2, Episode 5: The voice inside Tesco's tills, who's narrowly avoided death. Twice.

Gina Mellotte - Voice of BAFTA Awards

Hatched, Matched, Dispatched

Series 2, Episode 6: The smooth and confident awards announcer, who's struggled with grief and motherhood.

Trish Bertram Olympics Announcer Voice

A Winning Comeback

Series 2, Episode 7: The Olympics announcer who beat the men at their own game.

Javier Fernandez Pena voice of Spanish Buzz Lightyear

To Infinity and the Great Beyond

Series 2, Episode 8: When Buzz Lightyear turned Spanish in Toy Story 3, the person behind the voice heard messages from beyond.

Claire Wyatt - Jolly Phonics voice

Post Partum Pandemic

Series 2, Episode 9: The Jolly Phonics Lady, who entertained everyone else's children... but struggled to make her own.